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Genesis Missionary Baptist Church

Genesis Missionary Baptist Church was born on April 1, 1990. Led by Dr. Robert Porter and Elder Hazel R. Porter, approximately 200 people with a common vision gathered together. These people committed themselves, before God, to form a church built on one principle: the Bible would be their guide in all areas of church life and direction. The following Sunday some 400 people gathered in their first worship service together. Almost immediately God enabled them to acquire the facilities of Trinity Church of the Nazarene.


We experienced immediate growth, which has continued to this day. The Porters' commitment to seeing people come to a faith in Christ and take their places in the family of God was unwavering.


It was a sad time but not so much of a struggle when in 1999; Pastor and Founder Robert Porter became ill. He realized that he needed to reset the sails of the ship and prepare for the rough waters ahead. In his typical visionary style, he set into motion his plans for the future of Genesis.

Mom Dad Porter.jpg

Without realizing it at the time, this vision and his ultimate decision laid the groundwork for the Porter Brothers, his sons, to eventually becoming the Pastoral Team they are today. The GENESIS congregation accepted this vision as the plan on April 18, 1999. For reasons known only to God, Dr. Porter was called to his heavenly reward in August of 1999.


Recognizing the pervasive way that he planted his vision in the lives of his two sons, the people of the church called Rev. Tecoy M. Porter and Rev. Ellington W. Porter to serve as Senior Pastors of Genesis on November 14, 1999. Their charge was to lead in the continuation of their father's dream, in which it did for together, along iwth their wives,Karlette and Tiwana for 19 years. 

Through it all, in the background, but as a steady force, First Lady Hazel Porter continued to prove herself as a most graceful, elegant and spiritual woman of God. She was ultra sensitive, intelligent, sophisticated and an independent woman who could hold her own next to anyone. But she was also the quintessential "Pastor's Wife". The Lord saw fit to take Mother Hazel Porter on to Glory on March 22, 2005. But she left behind many touched and gratified people. She had taught entrepreneurial skills to so many. And she'd shared her life with the Lord through her writing of many plays that have been acted out on stage and prose, which have been published. Most important, she shared willingly, freely, and abundantly, to encourage, to inspire and to assist not only her children, Pastor Tecoy and Ellington, but anyone who would listen. Pastor Robert and First Lady Hazel are still greatly missed today by those who knew them.

As Genesis’ Senior Pastors, Dr. Tecoy Porter Sr. and Dr. Ellington Porter continued their parent’s legacy of spiritual leadership in Sacramento through their contemporary approach to community outreach, worship, and gospel music. Through their 19 years of team leadership the Genesis Church has grown in size and influence with the addition of the Dr. Robert Porter Family Life Center (2003), and the establishment of the Prayer Palace Christian Church in Mukono, Uganda (2010). 

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In 2018 Dr. Ellington Porter and Lady Tiwana Porter transitioned to Minneapolis, MN where, he accepted a position as an Associate Professor, in the College of Fine Arts at North Central University. A leading Christian university in the region. Both he, Lady Tiwana, and Master EJ Porter, howeer,  still serve at their church home, Genesis, whenever called upon. 


In 2019, Dr. Tecoy Porter Sr and Lady Karlette Porter celebrated 20 years of senior pastoral leadership of the Genesis Church. 

Through a partnership with Fortune Charter School, a new TK-5 elementary school is  being constructed on the Genesis Church Campus, named Tecoy Porter College Prep. The school will open in Fall 2020.


On April 1, 2020, Genesis celebrated 30 years of ministry. For three decades, Genesis has proven to be a religious beacon and inspirational leader in the community with its progressive approach to the ministry of the gospel through dynamic preaching, music, and community outreach, and advocacy.  Under the leadership of Dr. Tecoy Porter and Lady Karlette Porter, Genesis is committed to continuing these efforts within the Sacramento area, the United States and across the globe.

"Proudly Celebrating 30 Years of Ministry!"

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